Legendary Weapon: Adez K'Orgaz

Adez K'Orgaz

General information

Meaning 'Blood of the Enemy'
Weapon Type Two-Handed Battle Axe
Founder Gideon Blackriver

The Adez K’orgaz is always just as tall as the rightful wielder, giving it no exact size. It has double axe heads and a spiked handle end and top, making it a threat whichever way it is used. The blades are long, curved and hooked on both sides and they dully shine with whatever material they were crafted from, it is unknown exactly what kind of metal this is. The handle is carved with unknown rune-like shapes and lines, it is thought these are what gives the axe it’s abilities, though this is also an uncertainty. The handle is wrapped in hide though worn from its years in existence.

‘Blood Bond’- The more enemies taken down with the axe increases the bond between axe and wielder, this over time makes the axe easier for the wielder to use and grow skilled with and the weight of it seems to decrease too.

‘Rightful Link’- The ‘rightful wielder’ of the axe will always know it’s whereabouts - like an inbuilt homing beacon.

‘Safeguard’- Basic ‘offensive magic’ and most projectiles, enchanted and unenchanted will have no effect when wielding the axe. Strong magic and enchanted projectiles will negate the effect of ‘Safeguard’. Any projectile bigger than the wielder will also render the effect useless. (eg: Falling boulders, buildings etc.)

The axe seems to shrink/grow according to the wielder's size.

The exact origin of Adez K’orgaz is unknown but there are a few important things about the weapon which have been literally passed down. The axe once belonged to a human barbarian known as Gideon Blackriver. It was unknown where he gained the axe but, this axe was Gideon’s prized possession and he kept it close to him at all times, rumour is he even slept with the axe right next to him, just to be sure it could never go missing. Coming face to face with Gideon and his axe became a fear all around, however, Gideon wouldn’t just fight anyone. With all of his previous victories, he became big-headed and would only fight those ‘worthy of his energy.’ Of course, no one dared to do so and thus, Gideon became lazy. Eventually there came one brave enough.

A dwarf named Roderick Flint, tired with the stories of Gideon, he decided to challenge him. Scoffing, Gideon accepted - no one bested him, no one COULD best him, especially not some ‘short, undersized being’ such as Roderick. This, of course, ended as you would expect, with Gideon out of practice, Roderick easily bested him - falling to the feet of the dwarf, a look of absolute bewilderment on his face, even in death. It is said from the moment Gideon fell to the floor that Roderick knew he had to pick the Axe from Gideon’s corpse and the moment he held it’s handle in both of his hands, he knew that it was for him.


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