Legendary Weapon: Eykirris


General information

Origin Eldathren
Crafted 4000+
Founder Ayiphro
The exact era of construction for this magical staff remains a mystery to the scholars and archivists of Eldathren but knowledge of its existence goes back to the early second millennium some four thousand years ago. Legend asserts that the staff belonged to an ancient spiritual deity that many of the original Eldathreans believed in. Bound with the magical connection all life shares, the staff gives the wielder immense power to defend the forest in which the staff was birthed. Believed to be the staff of Ayiphro, it was to be used to destroy any who are set to damage the balance of energy in the forest.

Carved from an ancient and dark hardwood, the staff stand generally at shoulder height for an adult elf. Running up from the base is a pair of winding roots, a darkish blue in colour. The head of the staff is a collection of gnarled roots and carved wooden leaf. While usually unnecessary, the staff is hard enough to deflect steel without being scratched. At the very base of the staff is a slender white stone believed to be petrified bark from the sacred willow that grants the weapon its power.

Imbued directly with energy from Eldathren’s sacred willow, the staff grants the user an almost perfect bond with natures spirit and energy around them propelling their magic far above even many of the most devote studiers of the arcane. A temperamental weapon, the staff will destroy any user who seeks to utilize its powers to in any way destroy the woods or natural world. Originally a weapon passed down by the early monarchs of Eldathren, none had the true understanding and natural connection with magic that would enable its true use. Taken by the Druids after their seizure of the throne, their attunement to nature’s energy allowed the secrets of the staff to be more fully understood by those within the citadel most attuned to the arcane.

Allowing a user to become an army in their own right, a wielder becomes connected to the life energy of the trees around them and can manipulate nature to serve their whim. Most significantly, the wielder could sense and control the vast network of roots running beneath their feet enabling them to level or ensnare entire armies through rapid growth and manipulation of the plentiful roots. Ensnared by the tentacles of the forest, the roots would slowly or swiftly crush out the life of any who stand against the wielder. As some users became more familiar with the staff, they found that even alone they could construct entire walls or structures in a matter of moments should they choose to raise the winding roots ever higher.

While its ability to control roots and the natural energy around them grants significant power to the wielder, this control is not entirely limited to the flora of the wood. Much of the fauna will, likewise, seek out users and be more open to command or taming including creatures that otherwise tend to be untameable such as the large brown bears and moose of the wood. However, the staff will not allow for the destruction of innocent life. Should a user seek to destroy a village or hunt with the item, the staff is more likely to use its command over roots to crush the user.

The true power of the staff was not realized until the Great War where it found its first prolonged usage against the forces of Braitheld. Whether to shroud and hide forces of Eldathren or crush and ensnare those of Braitheld, the staff proved devastating to massive contingents. The weapon did, however, lose some of its strength the farther it went from the sacred willow in Eldathren’s Labyrinth. But even then it remained able to channel and boost the magical prowess of its user.

Perhaps even deadlier to the armies of Braitheld was its ability to transport the user over massive portions of the forest. By focusing and meditating on the energy and life force of the trees that the user was connected to, they found that with specific runes placed on certain trees, the user could transport their energy and thus matter through the network almost instantaneously. This allowed the user to pop up in multiple battles across the Eldathrean wood within the same day making advancing near impossible for enemies. It did take some time to hone oneself into the network enough to teleport but no longer than a dozen minutes.


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