Legendary Weapon: Mir'Tyela


General information

Origin Eldathren
Craft Ancient Elves
Meaning 'Starlight'

Mir’Tyela is rumoured to have been crafted by the first elves and even to contain pure starlight. The quiver is made from a combination of spelled tree bark, gold and leather. The bow is made from wood found on the same tree as the spelled tree bark, with eagle feathers spiralling the entire length creating a softer and more comfortable hold. The arrows are where the true magic is held. Solid gold holds the shaft together with eagle feathers are carefully tucked in as the fletching and the arrowhead is made from solid diamond. The arrowheads seem to radiate light in every direction even in the night, hence the rumours of the arrow containing pure starlight.

  • If fired underwater, the arrow will still travel a straight line and hit its mark.
  • If the arrowhead is smashed, there is a blinding white flash that will temporarily stun all but the owner of the bow.
  • Though made of weighty substances, the arrows, bow and quiver are light as a feather.
  • If held flat, the arrowhead will always point North.

Not much is known of the origin of Mir’Tyela, it is steeped in rumour, myth and superstition. The rumour begins with the arrival of the first elves, another creation steeped in the unknown. The bow is said to have arrived with the ancient elves, whether it was made by them or simply from the same magic that the elves came from - the myth is not clear. The weapon has been passed from generation to generation with the myth becoming more and more hazier but the magic within becoming more and more powerful. There have been periods of time where it has simply disappeared from history, possibly hidden due to its great power. One of these disappearances was recorded during the war between realms, thought to have been removed from its ancient home of Eldathren for fear it would tip the scales of fate in their favour. It emerged again after Eldathren signed the treaty, further adding fire to the rumour that it had been stolen.


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