General information

Type of place Small settlement
Founded Sometime before the Great War
Location Border of Braitheld and Eldathren

Alexandria is a small bordertown located in the wetlands on the border between Eldathren and Braitheld. It is built on top of the small islands and wooden platforms, creating a maze of walkways and suspension bridges that connect the platforms and islands together.
Small boats are also used to move between the different parts of the settlement.

The settlement has been reinhabited by bandits and the likes at the end of the war, has the borders started opening up more. It has resulted in the place becoming known for blackmarket trade, as the ambiguity of the border means that the rules from Braitheld and Eldathren is not as well kept.
This is a place were you want to keep your wits about you.

No one quite knows why Alexandria was founded as a settlement. There was a thought it was for the rare plants that could be found growing in the swamp waters, or it was founded by felons looking to keep their heads low so lived where few people ever thought to tread. Another rumour said it was settled in by a lowly Lord who wished to extend his lands so claimed the swamp and helped the village to grow before his line was lost.

Whatever the reason, it provided an essential route for traders and travellers, allowing passage through the swamp and saving days of travel from having to go around it. It soon became a hub of traders, bringing in resources that were scarce in the swamp and buying the plants harvested by the Alexandrians and still is to this day. But as the years wore on, the swamp pass became more overgrown and dangerous to traverse, leaving only a couple of the routes to the village open, which only the hardiest of travellers dared to walk.

It is not exactly known when the settlement was established, except that it was before the Great War. Some say that it was long before, when the place was drier. Saying that as the area became wetter and more swampy, the hardy folks that lived there adapted. Whatever it is, it has always been home to hardy, stubborn people.

During the Great War the high tension along the border resulted in it being abandoned.


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