The Dry Sea at Beckett Isle

The Dry Sea

General information

Type of place Small island
Found Unknown
Location East beyond Okleinheim

Beckett Isle is a small island consisting of sand and bits of grass, land continues 10 yards out under the sea causing shallow, clear waters. It is therefore also known as the Dry Sea at Beckett Isle.
Finding it

Being located far away from the mainland of Isilendor, it is not a very wellknown place. Only those who have been there know about it and how to find it. There are therefore no known recordings of the place, only the information that has been passed on from those that have visited the Dry Sea at Beckett Isle.

It is said that those who have been there are reluctant to share information about its exact location.

Way off the coast of Braitheld, storming past the Isle of Oklienheim, towards the East, lies a small summit of land, just big enough for 30 people to stand upon the surface. This mound of sand and tufts of grass was known as Beckett Isle. Although the land above the sea seems small, the island stretches further below the smooth waves, with at least a 10 yard perimeter of shallow sands. Atop these sands lay a sea.

A sea where people from all the lands would travel to shed their tears, both happy and sad. Telling their tales of sorrow and lust, leaving memories behind in the tears they shed.

Anyone who now walks in the shallow waters of the Dry Sea won’t feel any sensation similar to water, but feel as though a mere ocean breeze swirled around their ankles.

Some say if you stare long enough you can see the long lost memories between each wave as it passes by and hits the shore.


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