General information

Demonym Akashi
Founded 2396-2032 OE
Current ruler Níniel Hayleglokary

Known rulers through time Orellen Taq’enna
Ki’ren Lemial
Empress Aelia
Emperor Taragov
Eirina Tremaris
Rafe Szardos
Raina Ithilwen
The youngest realm in Isilendor, Akasuna is known for its harsh and dry environment. The days are hot and the nights cold. Sandstorms are a common occurance in the heat. To the east near Braitheld it rains a bit more, which allows for oasis' to grow.

The people

Thanks to the harsh climate of Akasuna's desert, it was long the least populated of the four realms of Isilendor. Yet, the people of Akasuna are hardy people, having grown up and survived the sands.
The first known people of Akasuna where the Airakesh, but over time others started to migrate to the realm. First it was those from Delvheim, then Braitheld, and lastly Eldathreans found their way to the realm too. More than any other realm, Akasuna is a mishmash of people from various origins.
After the Great War Akasuna experienced a large increase in migration and their population rose.

Due to the harshness of the lands, the Akashi are generally known for their resourcefulness and adaptability, though somewhat solitary and independant. Yet, they are also a daring, inquisitive and freethinking people that have made the desert land their home. And accepted of those that came to make the Akasuna their home too.

Sects of the Airakesh - The first nomadic tribes of Akasuna that traded in spices.
The Jirant Council - A council of the most powerful merchant leaders of Akasuna and established in 2351. They had influence on governance, and even voted on future emporers.
Representative merchant king - After the emporer was assasinated by the marchant guild, a Republic was formed and a representative merchant king appointed.


The Guide of Paxton - Is a trading route that goes to Braitheld, and is the only connection between Braitheld and Akasuna. It is a route that goes along the border of the two realms, where the Barren Marsh meets the Akasuna border.

Docker's Valley - A road that veers off from the Guide of Paxton and goes south towards the coast and the sea trade.

Lok - Is a port town in the west of Akasuna. It is a wellknown town, as it is the port that the few trading ships to Okleinheim set sail from.

Sea of Bones - A stretch of deserty in the heart of Akasuna, where no life could survive.

Ortus - The first massive city of Akasuna built on the southeastern coast of Akasuna. The building of the city started in 2396. A city built on the collaboration of the mix of people of Akasuna.

The Dragon's lair - On a rocky shore near Delvheim stands the ruin of a tower. It is now believed that a rare glass dragon lives there from time to time.

Found in Akasuna

Flora: Cactus, Rosemary, Orchid, Cleavers, Bloodroot, Garlic, Pepper, Marigold, Northernwood, Mint, Caraway, Clover, Daisy, Honeysuckle, Oak, Cherry, Yew, Willow, Palm, Juniper, Aloe Vera, Pandanus and White Lotus.

Fauna: Basilisks, Brownie, Phoenix, Sphinx, Dragons, Kelpie, Cat Sith, Chupacabra, Allocamelus, Firefox, Kasai beetle, Sand worm, Winged serpent, Cockatrice, Dragon turtle, Hippocampus, Manticore, Siren, Naga, Scholopendra, Cariddi and Djinn.

Resources: Sand, Gems, Fish, Jewelry, Camels, Glass and Spices.

Behind the World of Legends
The name Akasuna is inspired from the Japanese for 'Red Sand'.

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