Welcome to this Case of Identity!

This is where we in the Ambassadors Guild provide you with a picture of an NPC and ask you to give us their identity in the comments below.

The task is simple: Tell us who you think this NPC is.

You can write as much as you like, as long as you include this character’s name and one fact about them. This could for example be their realm, what their goal in life is, their favorite color, an interesting trait or simply explain how they ended up in the current position showed in the picture.

For each edition, we will choose a random person from the comments who will receive a special participation prize of 30 crowns!

Note that this is all strictly an OOG game and not lore development. However, we’re hoping that this game can spike some inspiration for you next time you need an NPC for your story.

Have fun!

A big thanks to Arulíaine Charmaetíen for inspiring this idea!


Image by Anna Helme

Who is the character featured above?

To join in the random draw, answer the following in the comment section:

  • The name of the character
  • One funfact about the character


Out of everyone who commented on the last edition,

the lucky winner recieving 30 crowns from us is...

Aila Adaire

Thank you all for participating! We can't wait to see what you all come up with for this edition.

Best Regards,

The Ambassadors Guild

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