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Dragon Turtle


Dragon Turtle


Habitat: Akasuna Coast and The Sea
Dimensions: Regular Turtle to the Size of a Small City
Diet: Herbivore, mostly seaweed
Rated Danger Level: 1
Beast Tamer:

Dragon Turtle

s are protected due to their enormous size and peaceful nature. Poachers are typically punished.

Dragon Turtle

Chinese Mythology & Feng Shui


Dragon Turtle

is a legendary creature from Chinese mythology, featuring the shell of a turtle and the body of a dragon. Dragon Turtle ornaments are believed to promote courage, wisdom, success, power and fertility in the home. It is traditional to situate Dragon Turtle statues and carvings facing the window.

When Chinese mapmakers were marking their maps for unknown or unexplored locations, it was common to draw dragon turtles in the mapped spaces.

An ancient Chinese book called Shan Hai Jing was the first to record a story featuring a

Dragon Turtle.

In the book, it told of a large guardian turtle from a mythological island. This island was home to numerous dragons. The mythology of this

Dragon Turtle

expanded, saying sages, chancellors and immortals had the power to mount the back of the creature. However, feng shui practitioners did not like the mythology of the Dragon Turtle riders since it seemed too impossible to have this power of the riding the back of the creature.

The Dragon Turtle was never fully cast out due to it's power and symbolism in feng shui. In modern feng shui, the Dragon Turtle remains a prominent mythical creature, representing wisdom and tradition of ancient China.

Feng Shui use 3 different types of Dragon Turtle:
  • Dragon Turtle on Coins and Ingots: for health, luck and wealth.
  • Dragon Turtle with Baby Turtles on it's Shell: for intelligence, wisdom and luck, powerful for improving weaknesses.
  • Dragon Turtle Carrying Wen Chang Pagoda: for academic success, wealth and prosperity.

Dragon Turtle

On World of Legends

Dragon Turtle

s in Isilendor are usually found in the sea between Akasuna and Delvheim. They lay their eggs on the Akasuna beaches every spring. The eggs are roughly the size of the average human fist and the turtles bury them in the sand along the coastline around the north of Akasuna. After they hatch in the summer, the young turtles make their way to the water where they feed on vegetation, mainly seaweed. They grow steadily each year and form a strong head and tough shell.

Dragon Turtles appear just like any other turtle for about 20 years of their life, but continue to grow beyond this and can live for thousands of years, and if they are not poached, eaten or exposed to illness, the Dragon Turtles can grow to the size of islands. Some sailors off the Akasuna coast have mistaken them for floating islands as they float near the surface with plants developing on their shell.

Dragon Turtle

In Other Media

Dungeons and Dragons: The Forgotten Realms lore for the original Dungeons and Dragons content feature a version of Dragon Turtles. They are dangerous aquatic animals though more closely related to dragons than turtles. Their shell alone could grow to over 7 metres in diameter. In Dungeons and Dragons mythology and legends, Dragon Turtles behave like dragons, hoarding treasures and often fighting ships carrying gold and valuables. Some even learned magic and there were myths involving Dragon Turtle sorcerers.

Final Fantasy: In the video games for Final Fantasy, a large turtle featured as a boss fight. It was named The Adamantoise and had high defensive properties. There were versions of the Adamantoise in most of the Final Fantasy games. It briefly appeared as a mount.

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