World of Legends

Join an engaging community full of Roleplayers and Larpers as we bring to life a brand new medieval fantasy that you help to create and shift over time. Create your character, write up your beginning and get muddled up in the weird and wacky world of Isilendor where everything is possible.

This is your story. This is your legend.

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Community Driven

From the characters to the locations, the world expands and grows with its community.
We here at World of Legends may have built the world, but it will always be you who makes it a home.

Active chat

Immerse yourself in our lively tavern and write about whatever your heart desires. Hang out with fellow adventures from your realm or perform a collaborative live roleplay together!


Are you the hero or... the villain? A true champion of the people or darkness incarnate? Your own limitation is your imagination. This is your story and you get to be the lead in it.

Achievements & Levels

Are you a collector? Or perhaps a completionist? With a vast array of achievements, levels and ranks all waiting to be discovered and unlocked, one can only hope to get them all.


Going out on an adventure? Why don't you buy some armour and live to tell about it! From the Blacksmith to the Spellbinder, make sure you are fully prepared before stepping out on to the open road.

Skills & Trades

Do you know how to swing a blade or let loose an arrow? Destroy cities and towns in a raging inferno or slaughter a dragon? If you think you have what it takes, there is always someone willing to show you the way...


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at this email: [email protected]