Case of Identity #3
In this game, you can create identities for NPCs with one picture as inspiration. Leave your contribution in the comment section below, and there might be a gift involved!

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Rosewood Raven

Rosewood Raven This is William Abbot, otherwise known as the Hooded Massacre. He lives as an assassin-for-hire. He is payed highly for his services and lives as a king, keeping company among the higher class and other hired killers.

Jorg Farwynn

Jorg Farwynn This is Farwynn, a thief-taker who grew up by another thief-taker when he was a teen.
His master betrayed him with the actions he did and changed the way he was looking at him. He promised not to become like him and to seek revenge for killing his love, cause he was in the opposite side, a thief.

He's also working as the king's assasing without being official to anyone else, doing a double life.

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