Case of Identity #2
In this new game, you can create identities for NPCs with one picture as inspiration. Leave your contribution in the comment section below, and there might be a gift involved!

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Leora David

Leora David That there is Herman "Herbie" Jenkins. Believe it or not, he's a pretty smart fellow, back in the day he even learned how to train moles how to be messengers. That mole on his shoulder there is Daisy, she will run through her tunnels under the ground to deliver letters and small gifts to and from Herbie's granddaughter Mallory. Herbie and Mallory are very close, after the death of her parents Herbie raised her. Herbie was looked down on by his village because of how much time he spent talking to animals, Mallory had the same problem, but it was because she was def and couldn't talk to any of the towns people. Herbie loved his village, despite the fact that no one understood him, but Mallory decided that she needed to leave if she was ever to make somthing of herself. Herbie was heart broken that she would leave him, but her understood her reason for leaving and let her go without much of a fight. It was the day that she left that he meet his pet mole. He caught her eating his flower garden so he named her Daisy. At first she was just a companion, but then Herbie had an idea. Letters from Mallory were taking two weeks to arrive, so he thought "if pigeons can deliver mail, why can't moles?" He spent months training Daisy to carry letters he strapped to her back through a network of tunnels she had built underground. He trained her to memorize Mallorys sent so she would know who to deliver the letters to. After several months of training it finally became worth it, in a matter of hours, he got a letter from Mallory that would have taken two weeks for the postal service to deliver. She was delighted that they could get each others letters so much quicker now that they had the help of Daisy. Herbie tried to tell his village about his revolutionary idea of "mail by mole" but they didn't listen to him, just called him a crazy old fool. But he didn't mind, all that mattered was that his granddaughter believed in him and that he could not communicate with her much faster thanks to his mail mole Daisy.

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield Randall Higgins, better known to the locals as 'Old Randy', despite his insistence that he is a dwarf, 'Old Randy' is in actual fact the offspring of a human and a goblin. A kind hearted fool, he has always preferred the company of vermin to that of humans and often sleeps his days away down in the sewer system.

Jorg Farwynn

Jorg Farwynn His name is Vandus Opus.
He was an alchemist, years ago, in the realm of Eldathren. Vandus used to be a member of the king's council and gave many times his academical thoughts about many subjects. One day a potion brewing went wrong and explode, going against him and making him go mad. He was exiled and now lives in the streets, carrying the most dark secrets of the council and legends. But none believes him they were true because he's crazy after the incident.
He smokes this pipe with a specific weed he used to smoke back then cause it's the only link that makes him to remember those times and what happened.

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters This is clearly Greg Mad Rat. He's an alcoholic that lives in Braitheld and he is absolutely sure that he can talks to rats. He can be found in dark alleys squeaking with rats. He's not dangerous, he just loves rats.

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