That Fantasy Show: Scandal!
Scandals are everywhere. All around. This time, Jorg is here to help us see them.

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Níniel Hayleglokary

Níniel Hayleglokary Great job, Jorg! ;D

Ary Dharasha

Ary Dharasha Very scandalous scandals, yes lord

Aamonath Fernindal

Aamonath Fernindal :O

Hesta Eisenhart

Hesta Eisenhart How scandalous!

Amana Falvian

Amana Falvian love it... no scandals here... keep looking.

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters Well I for sure say that we need more scandals here! So I will have more stuff to write about ;) Amazing post Jorg ;)

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