Character Creation Guide
Not sure where to start with creating your character? Need a little advice on your Face Claim, Compendium, or Journals? Then you've come to the right place!

- From : Rafe Szardos

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Aoife oKeeffe

Aoife oKeeffe Great article.. Good way to sketch it all out.

Ailyth Rivornel

Ailyth Rivornel Ahh! What a useful blog, I may have to take some of his into account for myself!

Bjørn Blackreach

Bjørn Blackreach Wow there is so much to take into consideration for a character - really helpful! I love it :D

Alaina Anderson

Alaina Anderson Love this!

Gili Harrowfield

Gili Harrowfield I need that character sheet, my wagon driving abilities is off the charts!

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