Case of Identity #10
In this game you can create identities for NPCs with one picture as inspiration. Leave your contribution in the comment section below to enter the draw!

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Vanessa Farrah

Vanessa Farrah I think his name is Selyyn, named after Sylvanus, the Greek God of trees. He is the forest's protector - if each area has a protector, such as the desert, the ocean, the hills, and of course, the forest, then he would be the one for the forest. The 'tattoos' he has aren't actually tattoos, but rather markings he was born with that singled him out as the Forest Protector. His original name was Aspen, but once he was taken and went through training to become the forest protector, he was gifted the name of Selyyn. His job is to keep the creatures and plantlife in the forest safe no matter what the cost, and all humans have heard legends of him warning them to keep away from expanding into the forest. He was trained by the previous forest protector, Perye, from when he was a mere baby - taken from his parents because of those identifying facial markings. He has the ability to connect with any one animal and any one plant in the forest, gifting them with part of his protector's essence and in return becoming one with the forest so as to do his job better. By this point, this practice has been going on so long the forest is infused with many essences of protectors long gone. He has chosen a young oak tree and an ocelot to pair with, hence the texture of his skin and his ears. His arrows are made entirely of materials the forest has given to him, as offerings, and he rarely uses them. He has never known his family, only his duty, and although he may seem cold at times he has a big heart.
(I do not know what this is or what happened and I'm sorry for whoever is reading this o.o)

Aila Adaire

Aila Adaire I love the name Bark and what Ash came up for him, so just adding onto it, I would say that his favorite color is rusty orange and because he grows like a tree, he is very partial to bees and squirrels because they make his long life interesting!

Ashriel Fayre

Ashriel Fayre I think he would be called Bark. No other names, just Bark. Fun fact, those aren't tattoos on his face they're actually layers, as he grows like a tree. Love this great work luffs ♥

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