That's a Pet? Bugbears
Have you ever wondered 'Is this the pet for me?' If you have, or haven't, come and find out! This blog will tell you all about the good and worst animals to have as a pet.

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Sugar Pierce

Sugar Pierce Omg their so cute i want one!

Allannia Damaris

Allannia Damaris Awesome article but is it bad I want to poke it?

Skylar Raven

Skylar Raven Ooo how curious these Bugbears are, Well done Cas! Another wonderful article! :D

Ashriel Fayre

Ashriel Fayre A bugbear.... is amazing. This is superb ♥

Mason Harris

Mason Harris Well, they are good for keeping those damn kids out of my lawn!

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