Case of Identity #6
In this game you can create identities for NPCs with one picture as inspiration. Leave your contribution in the comment section below!

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Aamonath Fernindal

Aamonath Fernindal Farwae, an elvish woman who prefers the company of the forests of Eldathren to the company of people.
Before she went to live in the forest, Farwae worked as a city guard, however, put off by the countless drunks and the continuous conflicts between the same city-folk, she moved out into the forest and has been there ever since. Though a few of her friends tried to convince her to return to civilisation, Farwae to this very day still refuses to leave and abandon the peace she has now found, far away from everything she despises.

Aoife oKeeffe

Aoife oKeeffe That is Zara. She comes from an old, well-known family that are known for their military strategy. She is expected to become the next leader of the battalion after her father. Her nickname among the men is the swan. She looks sweet, young and innocent, but if she needs to she can be as fierce as any man.

Jorg Farwynn

Jorg Farwynn This is Zestari. A female elf who was grew up from a family with a very ancient blood. Like her ancestors she has to keep safe and protect this specific tree she's sitting next to it.

It carries a power, that might be probably magical and it will be revealed on her last day in life. She won't be able to share this secret with anyone else. The next in her line will take part to protect this magical tree. But if she decides not to continue the line then the tree will get rotten and, in the end, will be destroyed.

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