Case of Identity #8
In this game you can create identities for NPCs with one picture as inspiration. Leave your contribution in the comment section below!

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Arulíaine Charmaetíen

Arulíaine Charmaetíen I imagine this is woman known as simply Saffie. She started at a young age while the war was still ungoing as a spy, and is good at dressing up and fitting in at any place in society. From those born from riches and those from rags. Her own background is unknown. She can disappear as quickly and unexpectedly as a sandstorm.

Caoihme Verona

Caoihme Verona This is no woman nor man. This is a shapeshifter searching for an identity. That's why Shapeshifter is only called Shapeshifter. Shapeshifter takes the shape of woman, man, children and anything in between elder and baby. From pirate to King. All in search who Shapeshifter is. But as days turn to weeks, weeks to months. Months to years, - and years to centuries...Centuries to an Eon. Shapeshifter still doesn't know who Shapeshifter is. Looking for this fact, Shapeshifter appears before you as a gypsy. And Shapshifter asks: "Do you know who I am?"

Amana Falvian

Amana Falvian Clearly this is Medea sneaking out of her sister's house to go on some grand adventure... where surely she will get into a great amount of trouble. :D

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