That Fantasy Show: The Last Chapter
How to be legendary and memorable? In his last edition of That Fantasy Show, Jorg once again shares his wisdom.

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Caoihme Verona

Caoihme Verona The last one?! :O This has been a truly amazing blog Jorg. I loved to read it! Thank you for the amazing stories. We will miss it! <3

Aamonath Fernindal

Aamonath Fernindal <3 ;-; beautiful Bruh

Wendil Nidhogg

Wendil Nidhogg Awesome work Jorg! We will most certainly miss your blogs, they are the best <3

Aergia Tairneanaich

Aergia Tairneanaich "Someone, get this man a dragon." Nice blog Jorg! I loved to read it!

Mason Harris

Mason Harris I loved reading this and I will surely miss it. Thank you, Jorg, for the amazing blog!

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters I cannot wait to see what absurd thing you'll do next!

Skylar Raven

Skylar Raven Amazing as always Jorg, I'm gonna miss this you did such a fantastic job!

Nara Harlowe

Nara Harlowe But... but the show must go on! This was amazingly written. So sad this is the last one.

Níniel Hayleglokary

Níniel Hayleglokary Oh, Jorg ... we will miss your wonderful advices. Thank you for everything you have given us!

Ashriel Fayre

Ashriel Fayre FOR FRODO! Love your blog Jorg! ♥

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