Case of Identity #7
In this game you can create identities for NPCs with one picture as inspiration. Leave your contribution in the comment section below!

- From : Daeceran Theliènne

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Amana Falvian

Amana Falvian The greatest lyricist of his time, Tyrinean pauses from his work as the Lady Malborin, his latest lover and benefactor, ascends the stairs to the balcony. The faintest hint of a smile forms on his lips as he looks forward to the nights festivities.

Wendil Nidhogg

Wendil Nidhogg A man of mystery, Arvan often spends his time alone under the moonlight composing poetry. There is no woman who has not chased after this elusive man. Those who fall for him enter his rose garden with hopes to capture his affections, only to leave disappointed and scratched by the thorns. Both his spirit and heart cannot be captured by any mortal being, as both belong to Lemuria.

Jorg Farwynn

Jorg Farwynn This is Nicovante, a well known poet that he published some books with poetry. He uses to visit ladies on their balconies, on evenings, a day before the wedding and reads some of his material to remind them what they're going to miss when they will be married.

Aamonath Fernindal

Aamonath Fernindal Brave and handsome. Strong and noble. The man in the picture is Jorg Farwynn of Braitheld, out on a cool night thinking about what he will write for the next article. The painter caught him in the right moment, which is why it looks like we have his full attention... Almost as if we are reflected in his eyes.... lol

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