The Treasure Chest #4
Victariah is back with 'The Treasure Chest'. We hope that all of you will leave your kind comments, participate in 'The Pirate's Challenge' and be very creative!

- From : Níniel Hayleglokary

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Gilfrid Von Harrowfield

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield Congratulations Mr Hunting! In regards to the dialogue, it is a great way to showcase a lot about your character without having to put it bluntly. Are they well spoken? Do they rely heavily on slang terms? Are they perhaps more fluent in another language and may flip back to their native tongue when speaking without thinking? Are they softly spoken and more methodical or do they tend to be more aggressive in their use of language? It forms a huge part of who they are

Ary Dharasha

Ary Dharasha I love that pic! It is very inspiring!

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