Victariah's Voyages: Braitheld - Port City of Pelious
Isilendor is a vast continent with many areas of note. Join me, Victariah, as I voyage through the world to find some gems!

- From : Victariah Rauxilfen

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Amana Falvian

Amana Falvian boy, the amount of bodi... I mean.. friends I've accumulated in Pelious. great place. great article!

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters Such a wonderful place, I perform there from time to time!

Arasne Anagonye

Arasne Anagonye I have loved Pelious since I first stepped foot there - could be why one of my dragons is named after it!

Lain Laurent

Lain Laurent I can provide you with a tour of Deepfury Mine if you want...

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield A place I must admit I have yet to travel to - but maybe the Salty Wench will make the trip worth it

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