How To Medieval: Special Delivery
Welcome to the new blog series " How To Medieval "!!! Have you ever felt jealous that you don't live back in the great times with kings, queens, wars and... legends? Now you can live a bit of it and in this series I will show you some activities you can do. Grab a drink and I wish you a happy reading!!!

- From : Dorinthea Silverquill

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Ledger Hunting

Ledger Hunting Simply wonderful.

Teddy Equis

Teddy Equis I love this! I can't wait to read more ♥

Elayna Reed

Elayna Reed My friend gave me a wax seal set two years ago, I can proudly say that I’ve used it a few times successfully, and it was literally one of the most satisfying and beautiful thing I’ve ever done!

Caulk Alice

Caulk Alice What an interesting series ^.^!!! I can't wait for more :D

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield

Gilfrid Von Harrowfield As someone who does wax stamping for special occasions, it is incredibly hard to do depending on the materials you are using and the method. However it is most certainly worth it in the end!

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